Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More stupidity... but not necessarily mine

You may recall that I had a few problems with American Electric Power, my electricity supplier. For those with short memories, and those too lazy to follow links, when I called them up to tell them I'd moved in to my new flat they mistakenly switched my neighbours account in to my name. Sadly my problems with them are still not resolved.

During my first 50 days in the apartment, they claim I have used in excess of 2700 kilowatt hours. Which is over 50 kilowatt hours a day. About what I'd get if I was continuously running my washer/dryer every hour of the day, as opposed to the once a week I actually use it.

So, I decided to perform a test. I flicked all the breakers in my electricity box and watched the electricity meter. Lo and behold, when all the electricity use in my apartment was turned off the wheel in the meter still span round as fast as when the breakers were in the on position. However the neighbouring meter — which is registered in my neighbours name and for which I was originally billed — stopped. Hmmm, I thought. I smell fuck up.

Obviously, I was not entirely pleased with this situation. So, I called up AEP and tried to explain to them my predicament. They claimed that sometime in the next 10 days they'll send someone round to have a look at the meters. Being as they are not coordinating this visit with me, I guess they plan to divine where the electricity cables go just by looking at the meters on the outside of my apartment building. I have exactly zero confidence in their ability to solve this problem. In ten days I have to go to Hawaii for a meeting that will absorb a week and half of my life — I know, poor Ryan has to go for a holiday to Hawaii, but it's not like that, honest guv'nor — the chances of these fuckwits sorting it out before I leave are really rather small.

In other news, I haven't seen Cute Coffee Girl since Friday and I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully today (as in Wednesday) will provide my next fix.

I'm very excited about Wayne Rooney's transfer to Man Utd. I feel my gambling will mirror this excitement.

I have to tell you about Dave Sim, but not now as I'm both drunk and tired.

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