Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Late breaking new from 2000

This afternoon I got into one of those pointless arguments, that I'm prone to get into every now and again. The argument was about how stupid the American alcohol laws are (need an ID to buy non-alcoholic beer anyone?). At one stage in the argument I made a random claim about how there are more alcohol related deaths in America than Britain, per capita. Now, I had no idea if this is true and I had no way of backing up my idle claim. After the argument both sides went away and furiously searched on Google to try and find evidence to back up, or refute, the claim. Needless to say, all that we found were a mass of contradictory articles and dodgy statistics. I still have no idea what the truth of the matter is.

Whilst searching I came across this BBC article from 2000. You've got to love that for an article titled "Huge rise in alcohol-related deaths" the number one link, on the right-hand side, is "Beer 'may be good for you'". Sometimes irony is a wonderful thing. (You've also got to love the quaint squashed-up look of the old BBC website design.)

In more current news, Wayne-fucking-Rooney. You're 18, you haven't played for 3 months, you move from (distinctly average) Everton to (glamour club) Man. Utd., and in your first game, a Champions League game no less, you bang in a hat-trick. Twenty million well spent? Possibly. But it's a hell of a start for the lad. And hopefully the kick up the backside United have been looking for.


Anonymous said...

roonEy juSt like owen iS gonna bE cack neXt year

Ryan said...

I'm impressed that an Essex boy can spell 'cack'.