Saturday, September 11, 2004

The rough with the smooth

The smooth — I am in Hawaii.
The rough — I had to endure an eight hour flight sat next to three big black baptist ladies quoting bible scripture at each other (actually they were three of the nicest ladies I've ever met, it's just the thought of being sat next to people quoting bible scripture which is horrible).

The smooth — I had an aisle seat and a very attractive stewardess brushed her legs against my arm as she squeezed by a standing passenger.
The rough — Seconds later a big fat bloke brushed his big fat arse against my shoulder as he squeezed by a standing passenger.

The smooth — I spent an hour or more on Thursday night chatting to an incredibly gorgeous girl in the bar downstairs from my flat. I saw her first on Sunday and thought "my what a pretty girlie" and then yesterday she was in again and I thought "my isn't she pretty. I ended up talking to her because one of the musician guys I'd just met had made her acquaintance. She was terribly gorgeous (I wasn't terribly drunk), it should almost be illegal.
The rough — She spent the last hour talking to musician bloke and gave him her number. Still plenty more whatsits in the whatever.

The smooth — I'm in Hawaii.
The rough — I'm listening to a talk about "Implementation Approach". Unsurprisingly enough it is somewhat buzzword heavy.

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