Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Thoughts from a drying Hawaii coffee shop

It rains a lot in Hawaii. I didn't know this. When you think about all the greenery they have here it's somewhat obvious, but I didn't think about it. It rains for 10 minutes or so and then stops and everything dries in about half an hour. I'm currently sat at an outside table (they only have outside tables) at a Kimo Bean coffee shop. My bottom got very wet when I sat down.

Other things that I didn't know about Hawaii was that it's sometimes, and possibly correctly, spelled Hawai'i. I also didn't realise they have a Union Flag (or Jack, if you prefer) in the top corner of the Hawaii flag, like Australia or New Zealand do. I'm sure there are lots of other things I didn't know.

So far I've spent the vast majority of my time here in meetings. The project I work on, ANITA (although the website hasn't been updated in a while), had a big NASA review yesterday. They were, allegedly, reviewing the technical, management and cost aspects of the project. Essentially we're asking them for a load of money and the review board has to decide whether or not we would be capable of doing what we say we can with the money. If they think we can then the bigwigs at NASA decide whether or not to give us the cash. Unsurprisingly for the last few days, well weeks probably, tensions have been running pretty high in ANITA world.

I think, but what do I know, that the review went pretty well. Although I must admit that I found it fairly amusing that our second presentation of the day, "Management Approach and Schedule", started half an hour late. In November we'll find out if we get approved. Should be very interesting.

I know have to go to the post review collaboration meeting. Not sure how interesting it will be.

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