Thursday, September 02, 2004

More people trying to rob me

I received a letter today from this bunch of crooks called New Millennium Bank. It told me that I had guaranteed approval for two credit cards with "total credit up to $10,000.00" — by the way you've got to love the way they include the cents to try and make the number look bigger.

Being as I want a new credit card, I read through the letter. The cheeky bastards were trying to fleece an application fee of between $35 and $69 from me, just for the privilege of responding to their mass marketing bullshit. At this point I was pretty pissed off, that because I've not been in America very long, the banking industry think that I'm a moron who's going to pay them to apply for a credit card.

When I flipped the letter over and looked at the small print on the back my annoyance changed to incredulity. It turns out that to get one of their "credit cards" you need to open a savings account and deposit between $300 and $5000. Then your credit limit is set to the amount in the savings account.

That isn't a fucking credit card. That is a fucking bank account. You can spend the amount of money you have in the account. Whoopee-fucking-doo. Surely a credit card should involve some credit. How stupid do they think I am? Maybe they think I'm stupid enough to work for American Electric Power. Grrrgh. Why am I beset by idiocy?

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