Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The beard and groom issue

So here we are, as promised photos of a beard and a groom's party. I sadly don't have any photos of the bride and groom together, as I didn't take very many photos throughout the night (instead opting for the getting drunk strategy).

Friday, February 02, 2007

Quick updatey sort of post

So where have I been? And why have I been so bad at blogging over the last few months? To start with the latter, I'd like to plead busy-ness and tiredness and dead laptop-ness, but I probably have to put most of it down to laziness.

For the former, last I mentioned I was in Antarctica waiting for nice weather to launch our balloon. Well, the nice weather came on December 15th and our balloon was launched. For the following five weeks the balloon floated around Antarctica, at an altitude of around 37,000 metres, before finally being cut down a few hundred kilometres from the South Pole.

Due to the small matter of my brother's (Barry's) wedding in New Zealand, I actually left Antarctica on the 28th December and spent some time cooling my heels in New Zealand's alleged summer (the only two days when the sun shone were the day before and the day of the wedding, which was quite convenient). Following the celebration of Barry and Emma's nuptials I came back to lovely Columbus to wait for the data before making the big move back to London at the start of March.

When I get round to it I'll try and post a couple more photos from Antarctica and New Zealand. Including one of me with a silly beard, and one of the groom's party in all our finery before the wedding.

So in summary still alive, still more or less exhausted, and still moving to London (in less than four weeks now). On the subject of moving to London, we shall be having a leaving/assorted birthdays party at my house on the 24th February. If any friends are in town and want to come I can provide address, time, etc. closer to the date.