Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Why is Football365 excellent?

Because they're applying for the vacant Blackburn Rovers manager's job. Or at least Sarah Winterburn is. And with arguments like:
"I have played football at the lowest level for several years - with mixed results - and know all the rules. Except that I sometimes twist my body when taking a throw-in."
"After all, it's only a few short letters' difference between 'managing a football website' and 'managing a football club'. And I think I could learn that alphabet."
"I am well accustomed to working in the face of massive abuse and am not at all shocked by bad language, having been brought up in a working-class Yorkshire family."

And frankly I think she'd do a bloody good job there given the chance. Or at least only moderately worse than Graeme Souness. But, being that Blackburn are currently second bottom, it's only possible to do moderately worse than the new Newcastle manager has done so far this season.

It would only be a slightly more surprising appointment than Souness' at Newcastle, and less out of the blue than Jacques Santini becoming the new Spurs boss. We can but hope.

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