Saturday, May 08, 2004

Stoopid and sexy

Last night I went shopping (grocery shopping) at Wegman's. As I was standing in the queue by the till I started reading the no underage sales sign. I've noticed these signs before, but I've never bothered to read them (usually when I go the queues are very short). The sign says something like:

Anyone appearing to be under 30 years of age will be asked to prove their age when purchasing tobacco products and certain non-alcoholic beverages.

I had to read the sign two or three times before I really believed that it said you have to prove your age to buy non-alcoholic beverages. So I asked the girl working at the till about it and she told me that you had to be 21, or over, to buy non-alcoholic beer.

The people who make up the laws in Pennsylvania all need to be slapped, repeatedly about the face with a large fish... possibly a trout. Are they really concerned about kiddies getting drunk on non-alcoholic beer? Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid.

On a less stupid note. I watched Lost in Translation again last night and Scarlett Johansson is just about the sexiest human being walking around the Earth these days. And any film that starts off with a shot of her bottom and has lots of scenes of her in her pants (British pants not American pants) and a t-shirt is a film that should be lauded as much as possible. And just think it was directed by a girlie....