Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Some good news... and some rather amusing news

I read some good news over at earlier today. Apparently, the chances are quite good that I will eventually get to see the 9 remaining episodes of the really rather good Wonderfalls, because a dvd release is looking likely. For those of you who don't know, Wonderfalls was a short-lived series on FOX. It starred, one of the girls on my if only list, Caroline Dhavernas as an employee of a souvenir shop who was talked to/at by inanimate objects. And it was really rather good. And it was cancelled. And I was sad.

In other news, some poor Saudi Arabian (or at least somebody whose computer thinks it's in Saudi Arabia) arrived at my musings via a web search for fucking cows [Edit: it seems that those smart people at Yahoo have rejigged their search results and I've fallen from grace in the cow fucking stakes]. What is particularly impressive about this, is the fact that of the 147,000 pages that matched, this page was ranked 15th and was the first non-porn page. I'm not sure whether he (it must be a he, surely) was looking for bestiality stuff, or if he really didn't like cows and was looking for fellow cow-haters... but I know what I'd bet on. Either way it makes more sense then the Australian who got here via a search for arse boat ryan blog. I just noticed that this bloke was from Perth, I wonder if it's my brother?

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