Friday, May 28, 2004

My toilet and Richard Kelly

Sometimes when I'm at work, sitting in front of my computer, I feel the need to have some time away from the screen. If I was somewhere civilized, I would go have a coffee, and by coffee I mean espresso, or I would attempt to smash empty beer bottles with a football, and thus clear my head. As it is all I could think of to clear my head today was to walk home, about five minutes, and go to the toilet. Today was the first day that I decided to walk home to use the toilet, normally I walk down the corridor to use the toilet... which typically makes more sense. When I arrived at home I found a piece of yellow paper stuck to the door telling me I had a new toilet... and lo and behold, I did. I found it very odd that the only time I came home in the day to use the toilet, I had a brand new.

(At this point I should probably recount how I came home drunk a month, or so, ago and broke my toilet... well it was already somewhat broken, it used to rock quite a lot, I just applied the coup de grâce by cracking it rather badly. By badly I mean your feet got wet when you flushed the chain. I patched it together with some strange epoxy stuff, but it was pretty much on its last legs.)

In other news, I read about two very exciting things coming soon from Richard Kelly, the director of the excellent Donnie Darko. The first of which is the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko, which premieres at the Seattle Film Festival this weekend. It will probably be released in July, hopefully it will be released America-wide (and worldwide, for that matter) and I'll get to see it on the big screen with the big sound and all those fun things. The second exciting thing was news of his new film, Southland Tales. Apparently, some of the people already signed up to star in the film are Sarah Michelle Gellar (of Buffy fame), Seann William Scott (Stiffler from the American Pie films), Kevin Smith (aka: Silent Bob from the Kevin Smith films), Jason Lee (star of many of the Kevin Smith films), Amy Poehler (from Saturday Night Live) and Tim Blake Nelson (starred in O' Brother, Where Art Thou?). And there's more to come, maybe in the guise of Janeane Garofalo, who I saw on the Daily Show describing a vote for Bush as a character flaw and currently is on the left wing internet radio station Air America. It's all very exciting, the star of Buffy and the director of Donnie Darko making a film... I wait with anticipation. Which is good as I imagine it will be well in to 2005 before we get to see the film.

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