Sunday, August 29, 2004

A tale of stupidity, gross stupidity, luck and a grazed finger

About 5 minutes after I posted last night's entry I did something very stupid. In my defence my shorts got wet in the rain. Wet in the rain? I'm glad you asked. My shorts got wet in the rain, so I took my wallets, coins and keys out of the pockets and hung the shorts up to dry. Sadly, when I rerobed and left my flat I neglected to pick up one important item. The very moment after the door clicked locked I realized that my keys were sat on my coffee table. Bugger.

The following thirty minutes contained many scenes of door abuse, window abuse, verbal abuse and finger abuse. I should clarify that the finger abuse occurred while I was trying to prise open one of the rear windows to my apartment, without success. It still hurts. Poor finger. In the end judicious application of money solved the problem. I called up my landlord and for a, so far undisclosed, fee she drove here and let me in to my place. How stupid did I feel? Very stupid.

Further stupidity ensued this afternoon. The owner of the bar downstairs recently bought a big TV. By big I mean 65" tall, 70" wide and 275 lbs heavy. So what did he want to do with this beast of a "floor model" television? He wanted to put it on top of the 7 foot high beer fridge. It was a somewhat crazy idea. Miraculously, six partially drunk guys managed to manhandle the television above our heads and on to the beer cooler. I honestly don't know how we did it without breaking either the TV or ourselves. A mixture of stupidity, brute force and luck, is my best guess.

Just a quick laugh at the silly American Olympic commentators, part one. Describing the Argentinean basketball players: "These European players really know how to play as a team". (p.s. Argentina ain't in Europe.)

Just a quick laugh at the silly American Olympic commentators, part two. Describing the crowd during the mens volleyball final: "These fans wait until a crucial moment to really lay one out". (p.s. Laying one out is slang for having a big shit.)

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