Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Professing my love for Miss Portman

After lolling around in the bar most of yesterday afternoon, surfing the internet and writing my last entry (it took a little longer than usual, can't think why), I decided to have a walk over to Grandview. Grandview is one of the more tarty, liberal neighbourhoods in Columbus, much like the neighbourhood I live in to be honest. The reason for this exciting adventure, was to visit the Drexel theatre. The Drexel theatre is, I suppose, an 'art house' cinema.

The film that's playing at the moment is Garden State. The only reason that I wanted to see this film was Natalie Portman, but that's more than enough reason to see a film. I saw her give an interview on the Daily Show a couple of weeks ago in which she mentioned the film, I don't really remember anything about the interview except she looked pretty. Seemingly though the title stuck in my mind.

My hopes weren't particularly high when entered the cinema — which is a very pleasant little one screen, old fashioned place — as the film was written and directed by some guy, Zach Braff, who's apparently in some TV show I don't watch and know nothing about, called Scrubs. And I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. The film has a lot of nice set pieces a few of the shots looked a little to formulaic, but on the whole it looked pretty good. There were quite a few places that made me smile and a few that made me chuckle. Mr Braff was fairly convincing as the somewhat detached actor. All in all it was a nice little movie. I now want to go and get the DVD when it comes out.

As for Miss Portman? She was utterly gorgeous. She was playing a somewhat quirky, out going girl. I'd have fallen in love with her in about three minutes. Obviously I'd have wanted to sleep with her instantly, but after three minutes talking to her I'd want to spend clothed time with her. During the film I found out that she can look sexy in a black bin bag and unbelievably cute while raising her hand. (By the way, in keeping with my IMDb age obsession, she was born in 1981 — so not too old or too young for me.)

In fact I am currently so enamoured with the young lady that I've spent most of this evening fantasizing about being introduced to her Jewish parents as her boyfriend. This changed into fantasizing about writing a script in which the me character is introduced to the her character's parents and discomfort, comedy and romance follow. Then of course I'd get her to play the her character and I'd, obviously, play the me character and then she'd fall in love with me and introduce me to her parents. I'm fairly certain this is not a 'normal', healthy obsession.

Even through all of this crazy fantasizing there is a little part in the back of my mind that says, anybody who owns the Leon DVD shouldn't be allowed to fantasize about Natalie Portman.

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