Thursday, August 05, 2004


It's a funny old world. Or maybe it's a game of two halves. Or maybe I'm talking utter nonsense. It's hard to say for sure.

The reason that I am spouting this particular brand of nonsense is Tim Booth. Or maybe it's James. Or possibly Booth and the Bad Angel. To elaborate, today I discovered that Tim Booth is the lead singer of James. My first encounter with Tim Booth was the song "I Believe" which he wrote and recorded with Angelo Badalamenti. It was very good... sadly my copy of the cd is in London and I'm... well not.

Now, let us go back to last year. Last year I saw the film American Wedding. In fact I saw the film at the wonderful Cinelac in lovely Geneva... it's an open-air cinema on Lake Geneva... and it's very nice. Anyhow, the point is that one of the songs that accompanied the film (possibly over the opening credits) was a cover version of "Laid" (originally) by James. Recently I bought this song from itunes.

If we fast forward to this evening, we will find me lying in bed listening to the (excellent) Mark Radcliffe show on Radio 2 (the old fogies radio show). Tonight his guest was Tim Booth, and I thought oh Tim Booth of Booth and the Bad Angel. At some point during the interview/session it became clear that Mr Booth had been the lead signer of James. And then I thought maybe that's why I liked both Booth and the Bad Angel and James's "Laid" so much.

Later on, we'll find me downstairs in the bar... again. And one of the open mic guys plays the sing "Laid"... just minutes after my realization of who Tim Booth and James are. It was all very spooky. In fact it was much more spooky than The Village. Sorry M.

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