Saturday, August 14, 2004

Saturday morning at the centre of my universe

For those of you who are wondering the centre of my universe is (currently) the bar/cafe downstairs from my apartment... but that's just because it's where I happen to be right at the moment. Okay, in all fairness, it's where I happen to be quite a lot of the time.

I'm very excited. Today was the start of the new Premiership season. So once more hopes are high, bullshit talking is at it's maximum and I'm contemplating how much money I should gamble on Man United. It's so hard to decide. I've already spent something in the range of 25 English pounds on various fantasy football teams... and this is a big decrease from the amount I frittered away on fantasy football teams last year. But still what to bet on? Should I bet on United winning the league, the F.A. cup, the Champions League, all three or some strange combination of them, or Ruud being the top scorer? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Ho hum, I'm sure I'll work out some way to throw my money away. But I'm not addicted... no never....

Then there's the Olympics. Sadly, I fear that the United Kingdom are going to do particularly bad at this Olympics. At least we have Paula Radcliffe and Matthew Pinsent, and his rowing buddies, and Nicole Cooke... still my hopes are not high. Hopefully there will be one or two people out there who surprise me and do well. The better the British team do the more likely, I think, people will be to get behind London's bid to host the 2012 games. And I think it would be great to have the games in London, it could really help to renovate a whole section of East London that's been in need of a shot in the arm for some time. Plus it would just be cool to have a big event in London.

Continuing the sporty theme of this post, I'm very interested by the whole fight over who Jenson Button will drive for next year. For some reason, that I no longer remember, I've always been a fan of the Williams formula one team; much more than I've been a fan of any particular driver. At least that was true until Williams signed Juan Pablo Montoya, so I was really disappointed when Montoya announced that he would be joining the Mclaren team for next season. And a couple of months ago Ralf, I'm not as good as Michael, Schumacher announced he was buggering off to Toyota. No great loss, but I thought who the bugger is going to drive for Williams next year? So they went and signed Mark Webber and Jenson Button, two of the most exciting young drivers out there. It should make for a very interesting year next year.

Switching from sport to alcohol, I successfully managed to avoid drinking last night. It did take some effort, but I'm pleased that I managed it. I was helped by the fact that most of yesterday was spent feeling hungover due to Thursday night's excesses. There I was trying to work and talk to my boss and portray an image of competence, all the while my head is swimming and stomach churning. It made for an interesting day.

And on the subject of interesting days I should probably go and do something to ensure that today is, at least, partially an interesting day.

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