Thursday, July 15, 2004

Some observations

I went to the Victorian's Midnight Cafe open mic night ce soir (or should there be an accent on ce?). And, I tell you, it was one of the most eclectic mixes of people I've experienced recently.

Where to start? I guess you have to start with the one handed girl playing the drums. What do you call those drums which are two little drums attached to each other... are they bongos or tam tams? Either way this girl, who only had half a left arm, was playing them tonight. And, for my sins, I couldn't stop staring at her stump. All the time I was staring at her stump I was hating myself for being the kind of shallow person who would stare at the stump of a one handed girl playing the drums. But still I stared. Each second adding a year to my stay in hell. But fuck it I'm sure I'll be down there long enough to not notice the increase.

Along with the one handed drum player, there were also a variety of other assorted Freaks and Geeks. There was the amazingly gorgeous husky dog and its reasonably gorgeous owner. There was the Quasimodo lookalike drum player (I'm not shitting you, he was my height and as hunched up as I will be in twenty years). There was crazy Pete (no explanation necessary or possible). There were a variety of good musicians. And along with all these people was possibly the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. She came in around three beers (when I was still in possession of sound judgment) and left at around five beers... and she was just about perfect. Since I was about twelve I've imagined her. But still she came in with some dwarf dude (less than 5'10" is my definition of dwarf) and I was so jealous when she also left with him.

Oh and in other news, Kirsten Dunst is fucking gorgeous.

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