Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Macadamia nut popcorn curse update

This morning I visited the devil to fix my tooth. Oh sorry did I say devil I meant demon... actually I meant dentist. I now understand why so many people are afraid of the dentist or hate them.

Before I went there my tooth didn't hurt. Before I went there I was one hundred dollars richer. Before I went to the dentist I hadn't spend twenty minutes laying on my back while some stranger used a power drill or a power sander to burn away the living part of my tooth. Well at least I hadn't had that experience for around ten years. The burning smell was particularly unpleasant.

After he had finished abusing my tooth and stuffing it full of metal, he told me that it would be sensitive to hot and cold for a while. What he didn't tell me was that it would be sensitive to my own saliva. He didn't mention that the nagging pain of this morning (once more I typed the smo... before I realized that smorning is not a word) would slip and shift into a killer headache this afternoon.

So in summary I paid $100, and that was just my ten or twenty percent, to go from a pain free situation to one where my tooth tingles, and occasionally shoots, with pain. And next week I get to go and have a cleaning... I hope it proves to be less painful.

And all of this because of the curse of macadamia nut popcorn woman. Fear those shop assistants.

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