Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The post which hates dentists slightly less than the last one

Thankfully my tooth is no longer causing me incredible pain. Every now and again there is a little twitch, but the constant unpleasnat buzz has left me. So maybe dentists aren't the evil devilmen that my previous post portrayed them as being. Maybe they are just would be serial killers who've found an alternative outlet for their angst and mankind hatred.

I'm still in love with my shiny little iPod. Although I have already managed to scratch it quite a bit, so I might need to buy it a little sleeve and some restorative lotion. But it is still a wonderful little toy.

I'm very excited. One of my favourite artists, the gorgeous Thea Gilmore, is going to be on the radio show of one of favourite broadcasters, the less gorgeous Mark Radcliffe. Apparently this Thursday evening, UK time, she's playing at and he's covering the Cambridge Folk Festival. (Now I realize that anything with folk in the title is a little scary, but she's really rather good... and did I mention gorgeous?) I just hope that more people are there to enjoy her than were at the Pittsburgh show I went to.

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