Sunday, July 18, 2004

A few corrections, clarifications and additions

I admit it I was drunk. Bearing this in a mind there we should probably clarify a few things. I'd probably had five or six beers when gorgeous girl first entered the bar. Meaning that while I was in full control of my faculties ― i.e. the beer bus had not yet been through ― my judgement was probably a little impaired. So, she was probably somewhere between very good looking and "just about perfect". Hopefully I will get to see her again, in a more sober state, to more fully appraise her.

There were also some cast members who I neglected to describe, through a combination of tiredness, forgetfulness and drunkenness (with a heavy leaning towards the latter of those three qualities... if, indeed, qualities is the correct word). For instance, I didn't mention the enormously tall ― either he was enormously tall, or the man he was playing pool with was incredibly short ― bald man, who sported a pony tail. (Little piece of advice here, if you ever go bald Do The Right Thing and get a really short haircut, don't accentuate your baldness with a fucking pony tail.) There were also the ginger (pronounced such that it rhymes with winger and not whinger) couples... they were not red heads they were ginger. And bollocks it there were other people who I now can't remember.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I really like it there.

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