Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Back in Columbus... back in a coffee shop

So here I am back in Columbus, after a whistlestop (should that be one word or two? Does anyone know? Or care?) visit back to State College. I'm very ashamed to admit that I did not manage to visit any of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts exhibits/stalls, which I'm told are very good and one of the highlights of the State College year. In fact I didn't manage to do very much.

On the way up to State penitentiary (ahem... I mean college) I did manage to stop at the IKEA in Pittsburgh. Where I discovered, to my comfort and horror, that it is identical to the IKEAs of Switzerland and England. I think that the horror mainly stemmed from the fact that I was initially comforted by the fact that it was the same. I mean here I am on a different continent, things Should Be Different. But they ain't.

I must admit it was nice to see all of my friends, and get drunk, and have two breakfasts and one lunch before I left (long story). Not to mention the enjoyment gained from couriering (or whatever the appropriate word should be) Columbus burritos and receiving both a pie slicer and reasonably well broken clock. I was very disappointed that I didn't have one last trip to my local CD shop. Incidentally the shop that enabled me to get to listen to the likes of Thea Gilmore, XTC, The Magnetic Fields, The Flaming Lips and quite a few others I can't really remember at the moment. I hope that my friend the shop owner will manage to stay afloat without my regular cash injections. Which reminds me I need to find some interesting albums to buy, as the girl working in the local indie CD shop here was really cute. And I want to find out if she is amazed by my accent (last time I was in this coffee shop the girl behind the counter thought I had a New York accent... not quite sure what she'd had the night before, but it must have been good).

The coffee today is not very good. I'm in Cup O Joe (note the lack of apostrophe) next to some big car park/shopping center place. The glass of water that I got with the coffee is quite drinkable though. And, of course, they have wireless internet... so I can write this [insert suitably descriptive word for this blog entry here].

My apartment is starting to look more like an apartment and less like a bomb site... which is good. I now have a bed, and tonight I will actually sleep in it... which is also good. And tomorrow afternoon I will hopefully have both cable TV and live streaming pornography, I mean and an internet connection. And due to the fact that my apartment is almost above a bar, it is conceivable that I will be able to utilize the marvelous wireless technology to surf and drink in the bar at the same time. It's very exciting. Of course I could always drink at home and surf there... but it's just not the same.

There were a number of things I meant to mention in this post... but I'm now too tired, confused or stupid to remember what they were. I'm sure they were all very interesting, and I'm sure I had something witty or informed or both to say about them. Well maybe that is pushing the realms of reason a little far.

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