Friday, August 19, 2005

Still sat at a picnic table

It's true I'm still sat at a picnic table outside of the Billy the Kid Country Inn (which could be yours for just $380,000). It turns out that in my hotel room I don't have any wireless reception, so if I want to surf the web or type this post I've got to go outside to the picnic tables.

It is terribly addictive to sit here and watch the work that's going on up in the NSBF hangar over the webcam. Apparently the zoom feature of the webcam had to be disabled last year as somebody got upset that people were using the zoom, to magnify parts of her body that she didn't necessarily want internet perverts (such as myself) to study in such detail. Although it's possible we might get it reinstated, which I'm sure is good news for any of you who really want to look closely at the back of neck, or my left hand.

It's somewhat odd to be stuck in a tiny little town in the Middle Of Nowhere again, it almost feels like I'm back in Tower, Minnesota. Except Tower having three bars, whereas Fort Sumner has one and that one closes at 10pm. Well that and the fact that I have New Mexican summer weather (very changeable, hot and thunder stormy) as opposed to Minnesotan winter weather (very consistent, very very cold and snow stormy). The thunder is really pretty though... but the snow was kind of cute.

Still it's nice to be somewhere where I can use my British driving license as a form of ID. In Irvine, California they did not like the fact that I didn't have a Californian driving license. It was very annoying. Whenever I went to the supermarket or the liquor store there was a 50/50 chance that they would refuse to sell me alcohol. It was all very grrh worthy.

On a brigther note I should find out next week whether or not I've made the shortlist for the lectureship position at UCL. We wait with baited breath.

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