Saturday, August 13, 2005


Tonight has been a night of firsts for me. For the first time on this trip the ocean glowed for me. I'm really not joking either, the ocean actually glowed. Apparently there is some algae or other little critter in the ocean that likes to produce light when it gets excited. It was really rather impressive to see the waves glowing as they crashed against the shore.

It was also rather impressive that you could go down on the sand and write your name in glowing lights in the sand, just by running your foot over the surface.

The other new thing that happened tody is that I had the manager of the hotel in which I'm staying call me up in my room to complain I was making too much noise. I was a little perplexed as all I was doing was watching TV. I guess that somebody sitting here in the flight path of Orange Cunty airport, was so upset at the fact I was watching TV that they felt the need to call the mangaement and complain. I must be a terrible criminal.

Oh well never mind. Tomorrow I'm off to Hollywood and Venice Beech and then on Sunday I'm off to New Mexico. Urggh.

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