Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The end of an era...

So, apparently, today is the anniversary of the end of white rule in Rhodesia. Within six months Zimbabwe-Rhodesia was no more as the parliament voted itself out of office (some cynics amongst you may well suggest that it's the only decent thing a parliament can do). Two months later Mugabe makes his triumphant return, and the a month after that he's prime minister. All this happened before I was three.

Pushing people forward simply because of their colour, irrespective of merit, would be most unfortunate and would of course lead to disaster.
-- Ian Smith, 1979

We will not seize land from anyone who has a use for it. Farmers who are able to be productive and prove useful to society will find us co-operative.
-- Robert Mugabe, 1980

I'm sure these people have more to say about Ian Smith and Robert Mugabe, then I ever could... after all I was only two. It's all a bit sobering to read how very polarised people's views of these men and those times are.


Ian said...

Dearest Ryan,

I have a six year old who came back from school with a fringe. what is odd about that I hear you ask? Well when she left she did not have a fringe as it had grown out some months before...

This means that you and your niece have something in common, a complete inability to fashion your own hair styles, granted she only had scissors, not the technical complexity of clippers.

On the bright side, you are not alone and there is a support group being formed as we speak, to assist you over this desperate time.

As for Zim, well that is well and truly stuffed. What can you do but look on a world map (countries other than America, they do exist), find somewhere with a similar climate, without the political disaster and live there. My tip is Perth Western Australia (also the location of the above mentioned support group).

Speaking of which when are you coming for a visit? We have a Super 14 rugby side as of next year so that could be a good starting time.

All the Best (Love) Ian, Michelle, Brooke (Fringe girl) and Hannah.

Ryan said...

It's nice to hear I'm not alone in being haircuttingly challenged, although I fear that Brooke's age makes her misadventures rather more forgivable than mine.

As for a visit down under, I do think that I am long overdue a trip. Particularly now that I have two brothers and two nieces in that hemispehere. We shall have to wait and see what my calendar has in stall for me .