Thursday, June 16, 2005

Proof positive that beer makes you smarter

Yesterday I did something that I almost never do. I actually finished the cryptic crossword in the Telegraph (I very nearly called it the Torygraph, but didn't want to cheapen my achievement). So far today I've only managed to get six clues.

The reason, I believe, is that I got drunk last night. You see the crossword was only half-finished when I left the bar at closing time last night, so I got it out and tried to fill in a few more clues on the tube ride home. I was so very engrossed (probably due to the fact that I was rather drunk) that I nearly forgot to change trains at Liverpool Street. And I was in such an intense state of concentration at Leytonstone that I, sort of, neglected to get off the tube and had to walk home from Snaresbrook.

Anyhow, between last nights drunken scrawlings and this mornings hungover scratchings I somehow managed to complete the crossword. I was ever so proud of myself.

(Incidentally things did change on the lunch front today, the Lower Refectory managed to be out of both chicken and bacon. This was not the sort of change I was looking for.)

Oh, and I accidentally applied for another bank account and credit card this afternoon. Okay, I intentionally applied for the bank account but the credit card was accidental. How am I supposed to refuse them if they offer me one? While I was at the Nationwide branch there was an old lady waiting for a taxi to take her home. One of the staff came over and offered her a cup of tea, warmed the cockles of my heart it did.

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