Friday, June 10, 2005

A photo of me in the shower...

Here's a photo of the showe in my Delphi hotel room. You may think that it looks a little strange, and you'd be correct.
Empty Shower
'Cos here is a photo of me standing in said shower. Most (if not all) of you will be pleased to see that I am fully clothed in the picture.
Ryan in Shower
My question is who exactly is this shower designed for? Do they actually have hobbits in Greece? Or are they all amazing contortionists?

Sadly I am neither a hobbit nor an amazing contortionist, so taking a shower is bloody tricky.


Anonymous said...

It's a shower designed by people who have seen showers before, but never actually used one.

I actually have a related question: What is the point of American bathtubs? As far as I can tell, few or no actual Americans ever take baths - they all seem to shower instead. This probably explains why the standard American bath (vertical sides and back) is so useless for actually bathing in.

What is doesn't explain is why, despite the fact that Americans don't bathe, and don't have comfortable baths even if they did, does just about every home full of non-bathing Americans contain a bath with a crappy shower up one end. Why don't people just instabb shower cubicals?

Ryan said...

You have just described my bath, with the exception of the fact that mine is only about three foot long.

I imagine that the American baths can be explained by the same reason that so many English bathrooms still insist on separate hot and cold taps (I rarely want to wash my hands with freezing cold or boiling hot water). In so much as that's what should be in a bathroom and that's what's going to be there regardless of use or usefullness.