Thursday, December 16, 2004

The squirrel and the Snickers wrapper

Yesterday afternoon while I was having coffee, I saw a very polite squirrel. At the time I was sat in the Brenen's at the library, listening to a colleague's history of their, recently extinguished, relationship with some guy. Anyhow, I was sat staring out the window — my other colleague was offering sage advice, so I didn't feel compelled to — when I noticed Mr Squirrel (actually it could have been Mrs Squirrel, not being a squirrel sex expert) sat on the rim of a litter bin. He'd picked up a Snickers wrapper, well actually it was a Snickers Almond wrapper, from the bin and was busy licking it. For a couple of minutes he sat there licking his wrapper, then when he finished he dropped the wrapper back in to the bin. I thought, if a bloody squirrel can put his litter in the bin why can't the rest of us?

I think I'm probably going to hell for wanting one of these. Or am I going because I want nearly all of these.

ETA: I ordered myself one of the Blunkett t-shirts. I hope my room in hell has a nice view of the bubbling oil pits.

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