Friday, December 24, 2004

I'm leaving Minnesota and I'm sad...

... of course these two things are almost entirely disconnected. The reason that I'm sad is that I've lost one of my gloves. Well maybe not lost, lost implies that I don't know where it is. I know exactly where it is. It is sat on the number 16 bus that took me from campus to downtown. Just after I got off the bus I put my hand in my coat pocket and thought, "Bollocks!".

I liked my gloves. They got me through my winter in northern Minnesota. They got me through my winter in State College. Looks like they won't be getting me through my winter in Columbus. Bastard.

Still, two years is probably close to a record for me in the not losing a pair of gloves stakes. I think I need a piece of string that goes through the arms of my coat and keeps the gloves in place, like I had when I was six.

He who knows most says the least, that was my fortune from a Chinese restaurant the other night. I thought it was very apt as I've been working with a guy who can't shut up this week. But the weeks over now, and in a few short hours (I've never quite worked out what makes a short hour) I will be winging my way back to Columbus — that is the Columbus, which is apparently also bloody cold today (Incidentally, Columbus is hotter (in the summer), colder (in the winter) and wetter (all year round) than London. But still everyone says it always rains in London).

Oh well that's all from Marysburg Books.

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