Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Obsession and its consequences (and a Happy Birthday)

Like all good posts this one is about a girl. Well it's almost about a girl, it's really about my increasingly disturbed mind. This girl is a girl that I find rather attractive, not that that narrows it down too much. But of all the flesh and blood girls that I actually talk to she ranks pretty near the top.

Anyhow, a few days ago I was told something, about said girl, that has sent my (fevered) mind into overdrive. (At this point I should probably note, that the rationale 3% of my mind realises that what the rest of mind is doing is utterly ridiculous, but still that doesn't change anything). Apparently, this, girl said something to a friend of mine which could be interpreted as not entirely unflattering about myself. The comment was entirely hypothetical, ambiguous and open to interpretation, so the fevered part (approximately 97%) of my mind chose to interpret the comment in the most overtly pro-Ryan way possible.

The net result of my liking this girl and her, alleged, comments, was to send my mind into a fit of impressive gymnastic contortions, involving elaborate future meeting scenarios and the re-analysis of every encounter we've had. After spending the last few days with a mind performing such feats of irrationality, as will not be mentioned here, today I heard some potentially disastrous news. Apparently (remember this apparently has to be mixed with the earlier allegedly), due to reasons entirely unconnected to me (as, indeed, most reasons are), I might not be seeing this girl very much from now on. If this (the apparently part, not the allegedly part) turns out to be true, I will be sad. It should be pointed out that regardless of if I had heard about the girl's, alleged, comments, I would be sad if I didn't see her much from now on. But, now that I do know about her, alleged, comments (and have experienced the subsequent mind gymnastics), I'll be much sadder.

On a happier note, and I'm sad to say I really do need a happier note right now, I had a beer with a cute little owl on it's beer cap. I'm thinking about sending a six-pack of these beers to my, teetotaller, Mum as a Christmas present. She collects owls you see. The beer cap is very cute, if a little Hooter-esque.

On the subject of Mumsie dearest, yesterday was her birthday. So Happy Birthday Mum (not that I tell her about this blog). Disappointingly, I didn't manage to call her and say 'Happy Birthday'. In my defence, I did try and call on three separate occasions, but each time she was either out or talking to someone else on the phone. To compound my birthday related uselessness, I only got round to posting her a card on Monday. I did at least send her a present this year, thanks to those nice folks over at, which is more than I managed last year. (I sent her the DVDs of Cold Mountain and Love Actually, in case you're interested).

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