Thursday, December 23, 2004

3 am from a basement in Minnesota

So here I am at 3 am (okay it's actually 3:30 am now, but I was here at 3 am), in the basement of the physics department of the University of Minnesota. Not only am I here at 3 am, but I'll probably be here until 10 or 11 am. It's moments like these that I love my job. (Note to others: that was sarcasm).

So far this week I've both bled and froze for this bloody, no pun intended, experiment. On the plus side the bleeding, or sacrificing part of my finger to the science gods, helped us go from a non-working flight computer to a working one. I'm not sure what the freezing part has helped, except maybe my character. But, I've always been quite fond of my character...

Has anything else happened of interest whilst I've been up here in Minnesota? I can't really remember. I finished reading the Sandman series of comics — or graphic novels, if you so prefer. They really are bloody good. Not that I'm the first person to note such. I picked up the last of the editions, Endless Nights, along with the two Death stories, The High Cost of Living and The Time of Your Life, from DreamHaven on Sunday. DreamHaven is a very pleasant book and comic store, they even had a pack of Nicholas was... cards, which I wish I'd bought earlier and been able to send to people.

Tonight, if I'm not too tired to read, I'll start reading Red Son, the 'what if Superman's spacecraft had crashed into the USSR instead of America' story. On the subject of Superman, whilst at DreamHaven I stumbled upon True Brit, which is the 'what if Superman's spacecraft had crashed into Weston-super-Mare' story, co-written by John Cleese. Which naturally, I had to buy. I wonder why it is I never have any money.

Oh well, I'm off to temperature watch.

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