Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not dead yet...

...just in case you were worried I thought I'd get that out the way to start with.

Today I'm even feeling a little better. Which is good. I could actually open both of my eyes this morning, not generally an achievement which I think deserves mention, but it was the first time since Friday morning that I could do it upon waking. Yesterday I made the mistake of trying to look up my symptoms on-line, and that is never a good thing to do. Trust me, you only end up feeling worse and vaguely scared.

Looking beyond my eyes (if that is ever possible or in fact ever not possible, I haven't quite decided which one) and back to the cartoon comedy (in both the humorous and of errors senses), I found this story somewhat pathetic. On the plus side it was the Iranian confectioners' union who ordered the change of name and not actual politicians (who should have better things to do with their time), as was the case with freedom fries.

In case you're wondering I do kind of want this t-shirt, but I don't think I'll be adding it to my collection.

Completely away from cartoon protests, although still with cartoons, I saw this on the BBC website this week. I'd completely forgotten about Charley and what he said. Still, somehow I am un-amazed that he has (almost) his own DVD.

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m said...

Pleased to hear you are not dead!