Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'd better start saving today

Did you hear the one about Kurt? Apparently Kurt was walking through a park in Kent and stopped to talk to some of his friends. The conversation goes something like this (words courtesy of The Friday Thing)
"Hello mate." said Kurt.
"Hello mate. What have you been up to, mate?"
"Fuck all, mate."
At which point a police officer who overheard the conversation gave him an £80 on the spot fine.

This is clearly insane behaviour on the part of the police. I mean really, they should have better things to do with their time than issue fines for people talking in the park. Now if he'd have said, "Fuck you fucking cunt I'm going to fucking kill you", then I could see that as anti-social behaviour. But "Fuck all, mate." that's what passes for pleasant conversation in my world.

Apparently I live in a different world to councillor Julie Rook of Dover who said, "Swearing and abusive behaviour certainly is not normal behaviour and I feel it should never be used in a public place." Well, my advice is to get the fuck over it Julie and try living in my world for a change.

Fuck is a word. No more, no less. Like Tuesday or orthogonal or testicle. If it is in the dictionary, and hell even if it isn't, I should be allowed to say it. Swearing is not anti-social behaviour. Swearing at somebody possibly is anti-social behaviour, but then it sort of depends on context doesn't it. Many times I tell my friends that they are cunts, this isn't me being anti-social it's me being amusing (to me and my friends at least) and, in fact, social. Yes that's right social, as in Marked or characterised by mutual intercourse, friendliness, or geniality; enjoyed, taken, spent, etc., in company with others, esp. with those of a similar class or kindred interests. or Inclined or disposed to friendly intercourse or converse; sociable..

Simple really. Much like Julie Rook and the stupid politicians who pushed through the current Asbo legislation without stopping to think. It's amazing what happens when brain is engaged before writing a new law. And, sadly, it's amazing how rarely that seems to happen these days.

Fuck 'em all I say. When I'm Prime Minister... (well we can all dream can't we?)

On the subject of stupidity, why has Ken Livingstone been suspended for insulting an Evening Standard journalist? I'm not much of fan of Red Ken, as I generally think that he's a slimy, shameless self-promoter, but come on we're talking about an Evening Standard journalist. They're the kind of people, along with their insane colleagues from the Daily Mail, who should be mocked on a daily basis. After all they are just hate-peddlers who are piece by piece destroying the fabric of society, etc, etc.

Even ignoring the fact that Oliver Finegold was such a deserving target, how is likening somebody to a concentration camp guard anti-Semitic? It's not anti-Semitic it's anti-Olivier, which seems entirely reasonable to me. Now London doesn't have it's Mayor for a month, I imagine it'll survive though.

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