Friday, January 27, 2006

More Lib-Dem bashing I'm afraid

How did I manage to miss this story last week? Apparently, I was too busy reading all about Sven and how he's staying and then going.

I have a plea to make to all politicians or future politicians: if you are going to be the home affairs spokesman for the party try not to have affairs. Are all politicians explicitly instructed to add the absurdity and irony in the world? eally it can't be that hard to keep your trousers on, can it? And if you really must have affairs, do you have do go for three-in-a-bed-romps with a couple of rent boys? And even that is better than this bit from News of the World (scum I know), The naked MP then got the rent boys to humiliate him with a bizarre sex act too revolting to describe. (I'm so touched that those arbiters of all that is right and just in the world, the News of the World, are protecting me from knowledge of this indescribable act. Oh I'm sorry, I wrote "arbiters of all that is right and just" when what I meant was "harbingers of all that is wrong and evil*" — simple mistake, anyone could have made it.)

In the light of Mark Oaten's rent boy antics, I can see why Simon Hughes admitting that he used to be a bit gay could, in comparison, be seen as a positive thing for a potential political leader.

For reasons that it is probably best not to go into the Mark Oaten story reminded me of a film that I saw recently called, Me and You and Everyone We Know. Now, before I start I just want to emphasise there are no rent boys in this movie. The only reason that I noticed the film, as I walked through Blockbuster, was that it stars John Hawkes, better known as the whore-loving Jew (how often do you get to write that and feel good about yourself?) from HBO's Deadwood (I can't wait until June rolls around and the new season starts). The story is just about a guy meeting a girl and about him, her and everyone they know — it's almost as if they named the film for a reason. But Miranda July, who wrote, directed and starred, did a good job of keep me entertained and, to coin an over used phrase, off-beat. If you've seen the film, and you know what the indescribable act Oaten is alleged of indulging in, then you'll know why one made me think of the other. ))<>((

*Except Jeff Powell and his ilk — this one, not this one although the second one does look a little strange.

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