Friday, January 27, 2006

More laughing at disabled people

This is Yesterday's post, that I couldn't post because Blogger was broken.

I went to the bar last night, not a stunning admission I realise. To be precise I went to the St. James Tavern, which has become my local (even though the Sunset Lounge, which I do like a lot, is a block or two closer) since I moved into the house on Summit Street. The reason that I mention it is not just to try and liberally daub alcohol related shenanigans across the post — although that is always enjoyable — but instead to mention St. James's Wednesday night open mic comedy night.

My quick capsule review would be, not quite as a horrific as I thought it was going to be. It was surprisingly busy upstairs (in the hideaway lounge where they have all their live music and comedy) and some parts of some of the acts even made me laugh. As ever with an open mic night there was a significant amount of utter nonsense that was, well uttered. But on the plus side I got to laugh at a one-handed guy. The second time I laughed at him was when he was on the stage going through his routine, which was veered from amusing to awkward before petering out. The first time I laughed at him was when we were downstairs playing pool and I overheard him telling the person he was about to play against that he didn't know the rules, or what the eight-ball meant. Now, I realise that admitting I was laughing at one-handed guy, who didn't even know what the eight-ball was, playing pool puts me somewhere in the lower echelons of society. But what can I do? I blame my upbringing.

In other news (literally). This is a little scary but not really unexpected. This is also scary and also not particularly unexpected. This is just plain strange, I find a little hard to believe that having the courage to admit that you used to be a bit gay but now you're not is really a positive thing for a potential leader of a, supposedly major, political party.

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