Tuesday, January 10, 2006

1189, 1066 and other things that are beyond my memory

You'll be pleased to hear, or not give a toss I suppose, that my friend only had to spend a couple of nights in the hospital before the doctors said, "Yeah, you hit your head and it will hurt for a while... but there shouldn't be any lasting damage". Which was good news, and can hopefully draw a line under this New Year's. (Although I did receive my first free coffee of the year after telling the nice people at A Touch of Earth in the North Market about our trouble getting home. Which was very nice, but probably wasn't worth two days in hospital — although it was someone else's two days in hospital, so maybe.)

I was looking up Aachen on the web today (my office-mate will be moving there in a couple of months and I had no idea where it was) and I came across Wikipedia's definition of time immemorial. I was sad to discover that we (the English) abandoned the policy of time immemorial being defined as 1189 for legal purposes. And now I'm somewhat curious to know whether in 1832 the law really changed the start of legal memory from 1189 to 1812. But obviously not curious enough to actually do anything about finding out.

And yes I do want one of these, but then again I'm something of an Apple tart (so to speak).


Anonymous said...

Are you enough of an apple tart to want the new Levi jeans with built-in ipod docking station?

Ryan said...

Fortunately my tartiness (or tartness, if you prefer) stops a long way short of wanting a pair of $200 jeans that interface with my iPod. My iPod already interfaces with my jeans, through this amazing invention known as the 'pocket'. In fact the pocket is a universal docking station that also interfaces with my phone, wallet, keys, pen (sometimes messily) and change. It's amazing.