Saturday, February 05, 2005

An odd week

It's been a very odd week. Or maybe I just think it's been an odd week because I went from the snow and cold of Ohio to the unseasonal warmth of the Bay Area.

The oddness started, and maybe peaked, on Monday when I went to the gym. And no me going to the gym was not the start of the oddness, although I'll confess it was a little out of character. The start of the oddness was a woman running on a treadmill, not in itself an odd thing you'd think, but when that woman is wearing a headscarf and an ankle length dress, complete with chunky white running shoes, it becomes very strange. I was just amazed that she could run on a treadmill while wearing an ankle length dress. I'm sure if I tried to perform such a feat it would end with me tripping up and being strangled by the dress, not that I'm particularly tempted to either wear an ankle length dress or run on a treadmill. It was a very strange sight.

Tuesday's oddness highlight was probably when a slightly drunk friend walked up to a couple of us who were sat at the bar and said with a serious voice, "I'm not a slut". Context is irrelevant, it was very funny, both funny strange and funny ha ha. The rest of Tuesday night was spent getting drunk enough that waking up at 6:30 am on Wednesday, to catch my flight, was very tricky. In fact, I was feeling so 'fragile' when I got on the plane, that I was very relieved to strap myself in to the seat as it made the world a little steadier.

Oh well, tomorrow I'll be back to the chill of Columbus, and to think I've spent three days in the San Francisco area without having a single Anchor Steam.

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