Friday, February 11, 2005

Broken glass and bangles

Something exciting happened in an upholstery shop last night, okay it more happened to the upholstery shop than in the upholstery shop, but still give a guy some leeway. The shop in question was the one I live above, i.e the one that's adjacent to, the oft mentioned in these posts, Vic's cafe. The excitement occurred last night, just about half an hour after I decamped from my apartment to go down to the cafe. Some dastardly person, or persons, smashed in one of the shop's windows. I'm not quite sure why anyone would want to break the window of an upholstery shop, or break into an upholstery shop, but there we have it. The result of all this was that I had flashing police lights outside my window until some early hour of the morning, complete with banging and crashing sounds from below. It was all very tame really, but did cause a flurry of excitement among the patrons of the bar last night. There's nothing like a little bit of violence and destruction to get everyone's pulses racing, or at least at a mildly elevated rate for a short time.

In completely unrelated news, in fact it's about as unrelated as it is possible to get, I ran across this rather wonderful tale of the Zimbabwean entrepreneurial spirit on the BBC News website. Now I'm not much of jewelry wearing fellow, but I think I would be tempted to wear a brightly coloured bangle if I knew it was made from the ring of a female condom. So there you go, if anybody wanted to send me an early birthday present or a present for any other reason, give the gift that keeps on giving — the female condom bangle.

As a point of contrast some of the associated headlines form the BBC website are: Can election be free and fair?; Judges under pressure; Aids - yet another crisis; Torture training camps; The struggle to survive distracts Zimbabweans from politics. Oh what fun it must be to live in Zimbabwe these days, I'd probably be wearing twenty or thirty bangles on each arm, just to distract myself from all the other shit that's going on.

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