Saturday, January 29, 2005

Last night's incoherent scribblings

For some reason it was eerily quiet in Columbus yesterday, or at least it was eerily quiet in the parts of Columbus that I frequented (namely the OSU area and Vic's). There was nobody around when I walked into work today, hardly anybody around when I got my morning coffee, precious few souls around at lunchtime and then to top it all off the bar was deserted when I rolled in last night. Well not quiet deserted, but pretty bloody close to it. For the longest time, where the longest time is about an hour, I was the only person sat at the bar. I really did feel like the last alcoholic in town. Then when somebody did come and sit at the bar, I had one of those minor brain mishaps where you can't quiet remember if you know someone, so don't start a conversation with them for fear of appearing like one of those crazy people who walk up to you and act like they know you when you have no idea who they are. Except of course, as I found out later in the evening, I did know this guy and not so long ago had spent quiet a while talking to him. Oh well, I'm sure he won't be too slighted by my ignoring of him last night.

So here we are on an increasingly gloomy Saturday afternoon, flicking through my battered yellow notebook, wondering what incoherent drivel I committed to paper last night. Edited highlights of these musings I'll try and reproduce for posterity, yeah I'm pretty bored and can't bring myself to do proper work on a Saturday afternoon.

My head has been very muggy all this week. I think this is mainly due to my quick dalliance with man flu, but there are probably other factors in play. I've spent most of my time not really knowing if I'm coming or going. Chances are that most of the time I was sat still, or possibly pirouetting on the spot, okay so maybe not pirouetting, I can't imagine I'm much of a pirouetter.

On the subject of my head, I have to say that the mind is a crafty little bugger. Not only is it a crafty little bugger, but it's a crafty little bugger with a sadistic sense of humour. There you are sitting down looking at the world, and all of sudden something clicks upstairs and the world is suddenly changed before your very eyes, or maybe by your very eyes. It's like those pictures that start of looking like an old woman and then you cock your head and it's a young girl, that is until you blink when it reverts to the old woman again. Anyway, that's more or less what my mind has been doing to me this week. One second I'm absolutely certain that I know what's going on and why it's going on and what to do about it. Then, moments later, I'll be found with a confused look on my face wondering where all my certainty has evaporated to.

Oh well, that's about all I could garner from last night's scribblings. Not entirely sure that I undersatnd exactly what I was waffling on about, but it seemed to make perfect sense at the time. I think it is quiet fortuitous that my handwriting is so abysmal that nobody will ever really know exactly how much utter nonsense I've written in my little notebook.

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