Friday, January 21, 2005

iPod Slapping

My iPod has been misbehaving of late. It started a few weeks ago when I was listening to it using my shiny new speakers, with the iPod sat in charging in its dock. Apparently the iPod does not like to be played while it is sat charging in its dock, or at least it doesn't like being played in the cold. Anyhow to cut a long story short, the iPod got stuck in the state where it only shows you the folder icon. Some combination of plugging it into the computer and running through the hard drive tests in the 'secret' diagnostic mode, fixed this problem and I had trouble free operation for a couple of weeks. In fact it worked fine until Wednesday afternoon when it hung while playing an Oasis song (maybe it just doesn't like Liam?), after resetting it we were back at the folder icon.

Oh well, I thought, I'll just repeat what I did last time. So I tried to run the hard drive tests, but they wouldn't run, and I tried to connect it to the laptop, but it wouldn't connect. Rinse and repeat a few times, all to no avail. I even tried to follow Apple's troubleshooting tips, but they didn't work. I was running out of ideas, and would have sent the bloody thing off to be repaired if my 180 days of charge free warranty coverage hadn't ended two days ago (and if the Apple service website had recognised my toy's serial number). After a couple of success free hours I was rather frustrated, so I smacked the iPod against my leg a few times. Lo and behold, the damn thing starts up just fine and dandy. So there we are kids, if all else fails resort to violence.

A few times this week I've tried to write a post about voyeurism and stockings (with regards to watching someone play the piano), getting a guys phone number at a bar (very odd, well not really but if you take it out of context it could be), lying in bed with a piano (okay, it was the bed of a covered truck, but still) and various other things that have amused me when I've not been lying in my sick bed. All those things will have to wait until I feel more inspired, or at least less insipid.

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