Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ryan's t-shirt's day out in Washington

I forget to mention in my last post that my t-shirt also had a fun day out in Washington on Saturday. I wore my, correctly spelled, "You're sh*t and you know you are" (you can see me wearing the misspelled t-shirt over here — by the way, why does misspelled look like it's spelled incorrectly? I even looked it up in the OED, no hyphen or nothin'), as usual, it got a fairly mixed response from the people and tourists of Washington.

There were the positive responses — "Mom, look at his t-shirt", "That's great I've got to get one of those" and "I was just reading your t-shirt, it's cool". There were the indifferent responses — from the foreigners who no speaker the good english, to the Americans who no speaker the good english, to the majority of people who don't read what's written on t-shirts and finally to those who read it and didn't care. Then there were the negative reactions — the disapproving looks of some of the pensioners at the memorials and the somewhat horrified look of some of the parents with little kiddies. Then there were the look of people as I walked past United States Holocaust Memorial Museum — I swear I could not have had more horror filled looks if I had walked past wearing a necklace of dead babies and a swastika t-shirt.

Needless to say, my t-shirt had an enormously fun day out.

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