Saturday, March 25, 2006

An unusual Saturday post

Unusual in the sense of there aren't very many Saturday posts, as opposed to this a particularly unusual post of itself.

Now I must admit that I have on occasions walked down the train tracks. I've never really considered this to be a dangerous occupation. Of course I've never been trying to write a text message as I walked down the tracks, but still if I did I would still feel fairly safe. Of course I'm not deaf, and by that I mean I'm not the (no longer) reigning Miss Deaf Texas. (This only got as far as a chortle, although I did laugh when a friend asked so who is Miss Deaf Texas now — a question that needs answering, I think you'll agree.)

This is not bias it's very simple: protesting a war that started three years ago and is now incredibly unpopular is just not very interesting so that's why the BBC didn't report it. It's not like the war is still going on, what is happening now is that we've stirred up all sorts of shit in Iraq and have to hang around until at least some of it dies down. Of course, whether the troops continuing presence is increasing the friction or calming the nerves is a whole 'nother matter. One which deserves serious thought as opposed to knee jerk reactions, so not much hope on that front then.

Maybe I'll leave the office and go and watch Inside Man this afternoon.

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