Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reason number 713 why the author is going to hell

This story made me laugh. And not just smile or chortle but actually laugh out loud a couple of times. I found it particularly amusing that the TV show was called A Challenge to the Heart.

Like I said I'm a bad person and I'm going to be toasty for eternity.

In other news, I saw V for Vendetta this weekend. On the plus side Natalie Portman's attempt at an English accent was marginally less irritating than I thought it was going to be. Actually I thought the film had a lot of plus sides, of course I haven't read Alan Moore's version yet so maybe after I do I'll think less of the film. It was kind of fun though, as long as one didn't go in expecting a really frantic action packed film or something terribly deep and meaningful I think they'd generally enjoy it. Of course anybody who goes to see Hollywood films expecting them to be terribly deep and meaningful is going to come away disappointed a lot of times.

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