Friday, March 17, 2006

The "Are you married?" post

In the morning I wake up, have a shower, drink some orange juice — or grapefruit, sometimes — and then start my stroll to work. There are days however when for one reason, or another, there is no juice in the house and I have to start the walk un-juiced. Yesterday was one such day.

On such occasions I usually stop in at the United Dairy Farmers on High Street (the one at 12th, not the one at 1st — that one is my PBR UDF, not my juice UDF) and pick up a juice based drink. Yesterday I managed to select my juice beverage from the refrigerator and was at the counter, or till if you prefer, trying to purchase the item. Before I continue, I should probably point out that at this point in the day I'm generally about 70-80% asleep. Anyhow, the girl behind the counter noticed I had an accent and asked me where I was from, the conversation went something like this:
"Where in England?"
"London! I have some friends Essex..."
"London? Are you married?", shouts a girl on the other side of store restocking some shelves.
"Yeah, if I was still pretending I liked boys and not girls I'd hit on you too" says the counter girl.
"Right" says Ryan, and walks, read shambles, out of shop more than a little confused and befuddled.

As was pointed out to me last night, the correct response would have been to say "No" to the marriage girl and then turn back and say "Well we can try change that" to the counter girl.

Maybe next time. But somehow I doubt it.

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