Friday, December 09, 2005

Good Week - Bad Week

Good Week: I'm in sunny Hawaii and not snowy Columbus.

Bad Week: Four days of shouting physicists (and I'm really not joking me do a lot of shouting, even me).

Good Week: England's World Cup Draw — Paraguay, Sweden and Trinidad & Tobago — I'd take that any day.

Bad Week: United's limp exit from Europe (costing me valuable pennies)

Good Week: Did I mention the Hawaii thing?

Bad Week: Atlanta's limp defeat against Carolina (costing me valuable pounds)

Good Week: No really, did I say I was in Hawaii yet?

Bad Week: Did I mention the -7 degrees Celsius in Columbus, that I'll be going back to tomorrow?

Good Week: Still stuck on that tropical island thing...

Bad Week: ... and it's just about a fifteen hour trip to get of it.

In summary: fish = good, gambling = bad, meeting = okay and air travel = miserable.

An aside: last Saturday I was in Chicago airport (O'Hare) and I saw something that not only have I never seen before, but also, hopefully, something I will never see again. I was talking to my mother on the phone at the time and just wandering around the airport, mooching around you could say. Then there was this guy sitting in the end seat at gate C19 (mid 40's(?), green fleece jacket, blue shoulder rucksack, blue jeans — yes, I stopped to write down a description) sitting with his 12 inch iBook holding a magazine in his left hand to shield the screen from that side. What he didn't realise was that from over his right hand shoulder I had a very clear, and very unintentional, view of what he was looking at on his screen — gay porn. Now it's not so much that it was gay porn, it was more that he had the gumption to sit in the bloody airport and look at porn, it was quite impressive (in the way a car crash is impressive). I had to circle by a couple of times just to make sure I wasn't imagining it. I wasn't.

In case you're curious, I didn't mention it to my mother at the time. It's not really one of those things that are easy to slip in to conversation when you're talking about your grandmothers negative biopsy.

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