Monday, July 18, 2005

The tired and homeless post

It's (almost) official, I am now homeless. Well, I will be tomorrow when I hand my keys back to the landlord. All my worldly possessions, at least all of them that aren't in my grandmother's loft or my mother's garage or somewhere else in England, are hiding in some friends' basement. They got there, including the queen-sized bed (albeit in pieces), in the back of a friends truck. This is the truck that my friend will most probably have to sell to pay for the lawyer who is dealing with his DUI charge. Yeah, that's right the DUI he got while riding his bicycle home from the bar. Somebody somewhere has a twisted sense of humour.

It feels very liberating to be homeless once more. I imagine if I were really homeless and sleeping rough the feeling of freedom would disappear pretty quickly. As it is with me flitting across America (well flitting between here, California and New Mexico) for much of the next two months I imagine I will shortly be feeling less liberated and more imprisoned, particularly when I'm cramped in to an airplane seat designed for a hobbit. (I think that the people who designed my shower in Delphi must also be responsible for all the uncomfortable plane seats I've had the pleasure of using.)

So that just leaves a job application and some more working flight software before Wednesday. Not to mention returning my keys and cable box and changing my address and arranging for mail forwarding and... probably some other stuff that my tired Sunday night brain can't quite workout at the moment. On the subject of changing my address, I am legally compelled to inform the USCIS (i.e. the Department of Homeland Security) of where I'm living within 10 dayd of any change. I wonder if I should write to let them know I'll be living at the Billy the Kid Country Inn for most of August?

Ho hum, I'm going to have to leave the coffee shop (whose wireless isn't working) and try and get my cable modem to work back at the old flat so I can post this message and check my mail (which was the reason I came to the coffee shop in the first place). After that I have my Sunday night free beer club beer to look forward to, and everyone knows that free beer tastes better.

Oh by the way, there really was a poster for The Descent with the "Outright Terror... Bold And Brilliant" quote on that Number 30 bus. I saw a picture in Time magazine.

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