Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The month to come

I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to be a teeny tiny little bit busy this month. Sometime in the next 4 weeks I've got to apply for a job in London, finish writing and testing the ANITA flight software and find myself a new apartment.

Not to mention working out when and whether I'll need to be in Irvine and Fort Sumner during July and August.

It's going to get a little bit hectic I imagine.

I can at least enjoy the fact that I've managed to convince, well to be honest it didn't require a great deal of actual convincing other than the loaning of my DVD's, another person of the joys of Firefly. Which I think takes the grand total of my converts to two. Maybe not prolific but every little helps, so they say.

Oh and I finally got around to seeing the new Star Wars film this weekend (it had Natalie Portman in it, so I had to see it some time). In short I think it was much much better than the other two prequels but still vastly inferior to the originals. Surprisingly the film was only hampered a little by the fact the Hayden Christensen can't act for toffee. Of course the same could possibly be said of Mark Hammil...


Anonymous said...

I've been loaning my Firefly discs out left and right. We should probably hold a Firefly watching night down in Fort Sumner, what do you think?

Ryan said...

I think the long nights spent down in Fort Sumner could well be livened up by a bit of Firefly. Which reminds me I shouldn't box up all my DVD's and put them in storage.