Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blue Sun, British bombers, the BBC and boxes

Yesterday something happened to me for the first time (no not that — get your mind out of the gutter and the first time that happened was in... well maybe we don't need to go there). Somebody recognised my Blue Sun t-shirt. Not only did they recognise the t-shirt, but it turns out they were one of the lucky ones who managed to get hold of a ticket for one of the Serenity previews. The guy, a computer geek (un-amazingly), thought it was really rather good.

(If the above makes no sense then I'd suggest you go to your local video shop and rent or buy the Firefly DVD's. As I've mentioned here before it's a really rather good TV show. And even if you're too lazy/poor or otherwise unimpressed by recommendations, you should definitely go and watch Serenity when it comes out at your local cinema.)

(If the above simply made no sense because it's late in the day and my brain is somewhat fried, then you should still get the DVD's and watch the film.)

British suicide bombers. It makes a nasty shiver run up and down my spine. You'd have thought it wouldn't make a difference where the bombers came from, but it does. There's something particularly repellent about the fact that four guys (assuming they were all male) born and brought up in the UK, would decide to blow people up on their way to work one morning. Growing up in Yorkshire might not have been my cup of tea, but it's not like growing up in Palestine. Which is not to say I condone Palestinian suicide bombers, just that there reasons for doing it are a little more obvious. Oh well, hopefully it's something I will never come to truly understand.

Everyday when I come into work I have a little browse on the BBC website, looking at the list of confirmed dead or missing people, just to see if there are any names I recognise. Fortunately so far I haven't recognised any names. It's a very macabre way to start the day.

My apartment is slowly being changed from somewhere that somebody lives in to somewhere that cardboard boxes inhabit. By Monday or Tuesday all the cardboard boxes will also be gone, either that or I'll have messed up royally and I'll be buggered on Wednesday. And yes I only added boxes to this post because I was looking for another b-word to put in the title.

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