Monday, March 07, 2005

Running from the rain and other (pre-gym procrastination) nonsense

Did I mention that I'm in love with my new office. It's so nice to be able to turn round in my seat, and it's a swivel seat no less, and see outside. I know when it's day, I know when it's night, I know if it's raining or snowing. Who'd have thought a window overlooking a building site could provide so much entertainment.

At the moment it looks very dark and ominous outside (yeah I know I'm in love with the word ominous). For some reason this just-before-the-downpour weather, when the world is dark and grey and there are too many clouds up there for the sky to hold, always reminds me of a game we used to play on the council estate I grew up in. The estate was split up into squares, the sides of which were formed by short terraces of houses. At some of the corners, about half, the two terraces joined together and formed a little tunnel over the path. When it rained heavily my favourite game was to try and run from tunnel to tunnel as quickly as possible without getting wet, needless to say this was not a game you could win at in the long term. There is something enormously invigorating about running as fast as you can in the pouring rain. Of course, when I do it these days people do tend to look at me pretty strangely.

Sunday, saw the return of HBO's (really really rather good) Deadwood. And no it's not just their gratuitous use of the word cunt that I like, although I am particularly fond of it. I didn't even realise that the second season was due to start last night, it was only when I was flicking through the TV guide twenty minutes before it started that I noticed it was on — very fortuitous. It made me happy and jolly, well that and it made me pop down to the Mexican market to get a six-pack of Bohemia to wash down my free Beer Club beer.

Last week saw my defeat in the battle of wills between me and my iPod. Finally I threw in the towel and decided to send the little blighter in for service. For some reason Apple's automated service request website didn't want to acknowledge the existence of my iPod, so I had to spend thirty minutes on the phone with their support people trying to get them to send me an empty box. Eventually they did, and a severely hungover Ryan, wearing only his dressing gown, collected said box from the DHL man at the ungodly hour of 10 O'Clock on Thursday morning. I must admit I felt a little bit nervous putting my $400 toy in a cardboard box and then dropping it into one of the DHL drop boxes. Hopefully it will all turn out nice again.

Other highlights? Few and far between. On Saturday I helped a couple of friends move a couple of hundred yards down their road (they changed apartments). It all went well apart from the moment I was handed a drawer filled with knickers and feminine products, and for a moment I couldn't comprehend what I was expected to do with the drawer (in the end I plumped for taking it to the bedroom and putting it in the chest). Remembering that I've got season three of Oz on dvd, and watching a couple of episodes. Sitting on the fire escape stairs behind my apartment, reading my book while listening to the music playing in my kitchen... spring may finally be coming (I hope).

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