Thursday, March 03, 2005

A post with a view

It finally happened. It only took eight months. But it finally happened. I can barely believe it. But it happened.

Here I am sat at my shiny new desk in my shiny new office in our shiny new physics building. And, what's more, I now have a window in my office. In fact, from the window in my shiny new office I can look across the way to where my old windowless converted storage closet of an office is located. It makes me smile to think that I don't have to spend any more time in that fifth floor want to be dungeon.

Now I can gaze out the window at the construction site across the road, and marvel at the artistry of the twin cranes silhouetted against the background of the twilight sky. It's all very marvellous (which I didn't realise was spelled different o'er 'ere).

In other news, I was a teeny tiny little bit drunk last night. Sort of a don't remember leaving the bar, remember throwing up in a friends bathroom, don't remember getting home from there, woke up in bed this morning next to my credit card wrapped in my boxer shorts kind of little bit drunk. Oh well no harm done, except to the aforementioned bathroom (for which I feel terribly guilty) and credit card (for which I don't).

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