Friday, October 15, 2004

A post for the sake of making an uninteresting drunken post

My bad! Today they are repeating the "feathered felchers" Daily Show episode, and the quote was actually "flightless felchers". Never let it be said that I am not willing to stand corrected.

Somewhat unsurprisingly I was in the bar this evening. It was the landlord's birthday today (by the way, I use landlord to refer to the owner of the bar... 'cause that's what we call the owners of pubs back in Blighty. It probably stems from some dim dark moment in the past, when the man owning your house also owned the local public house, but I don't really know), nothing particularly interesting happened with regards to this, except my friend Cathy insists that last year he celebrated his birthday on the 13th.

I want to rant about John Kerry and George Bush discussing their faith last night in the debate, but I just can't get excited enough. Instead I'm watching Tough Crowd on Comedy Central, which is hosted by one of the most openly pro-Bush TV personalities (a guy named Colin Quinn).

I really wanted to mention the pretty girl who was knitting in the bar this evening, but being as I am, in certain internet message board parlance, NGA I can't really be bothered to elaborate.

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