Sunday, October 24, 2004

Birthday Thoughts

On this day (well looking at the clock, actually on yesterday) twenty seven years ago, in Que Que hospital, I came screaming into the world (at least I assume I was screaming, I have no recollection of the incident, as you can probably imagine). On this anniversary of me putting her through the pain of labour (and once again, I'm guessing here having never been, and never will be, in labour), my mother gave me a book about English Rugby (yea we're world champions) and a little globe jigsaw (it's all magnetic, spherical, silver and cute). These are the two presents that Mumsie gave me back in April, yes April. I opened them whilst I was sat at the bar downstairs, shortly after I had finished struggling to eat an egg and bacon sandwich. Yes I was somewhat (read very) hungover.

The hangover was the result of Liquorfest, a Harrison West revolving party. I woke up this morning in my bed with no idea of how I got there... I suppose the main thing is that I did get there. The party was hosted by some friends of mine from the bar, and they have a quite delightful house, complete with a hidden liquor cabinet and beer tap. As far as I can tell I didn't break anything or make too much mess, so I guess you could say it all turned out nice again. (Incidentally it's not only me who doesn't remember all of the events of Friday night, neither the owner of the bar nor the barmaid, who were both guests at the party, remember how they got home. It's quite impressive that we all did manage to get home, seemingly unscathed.)

Today I went to Cleveland. Cleveland is like Sheffield. (Sorry to all of you who live in Sheffield... or Cleveland). It's not a bad town, but it doesn't really have much going for it. It does have the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame but I only got to see the painted guitar exhibit in front of the museum. I got to see Lake Erie, which was big and wet. However, I didn't get to see the Oldest Stone House. I'm not sure what the qualification for the Oldest Stone House is, it might be in Cleveland or in Ohio or in America or in the World. Despite looking for it I couldn't find it in the fading light of this evening. Never mind though, I'm sure it wasn't a life changing experience.

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robert d said...

I was hanging 5 and just dropped in. Wanted to let you know that you, just like a star, shine.

Snapping out,