Thursday, October 13, 2005

Quickie before leaving the office

Not that kind of quickie. Please get your mind out of the gutter, it is quite crowded enough down here without anyone else getting in the act.

I had quite forgotten how, um, interesting PostSecret is. I particularly like the one about the Da Vinci code, and it's not very often that I like the idea of naked old men. In fact I might start doing it myself, well okay probably not, but I can dream.

I feel safer already. Just what the doctor ordered wouldn't you say? Why not create another 'intelligence' agency that can be held accountable if the shit ever hits the fan. Although I do like the fact that the head of the NCS is known only as "Jose", I wonder if he's hispanic or if he's even a he?

All of which makes we wonder if I should finally apply for a job with these guys?. All I have to do is send my CV and a covering letter to some random PO Box in London, and I too could be helping to save the world... or something.

Enough random, disconnected musings for now.

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